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About Us

To be the Preferred Fire stopping Company, Offering bespoke Solutions pan India

Integra Firestoppers LLP offers a comprehensive range of high quality, Third party-tested products and systems for a wide range of application in Fire stopping and Fire door technology.

We provide Intumescent seals, glazing Kits and ironmongery protection kit for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes Fire Door. Whether you manufacture door or door sets or manage a joinery and/or carpentry company, or you are in need of fire stopping solutions, you can harness our technical and practical expertise. We are equipped to deliver solutions that are a notch higher than the competition and at reasonable costs. All products in our range are subjected to rigorous test regimes depending on the performance required.

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Our Products


Fire Door Solutions

Our products are based on the chemistry of expandable graphite. It is flexible and thus easy to install and comes with self-adhesive backing. Our intumescent fire strip is designed to expand to many times its installation size to prevent air circulation and the escape of hot gases and smoke between doors, frames and other potential gaps where fire resistance is required.


Intumescent with PVC casing

High performance fire seal incorporating a purpose-designed upvc sleeve. It also features a brush pile smoke seal and is primarily intended for installation in wooden fire doors of flush, panelled and glazed construction.


Flexible Intumescent

Our unique, flexible, intumescent is now available to the market. It is the only fully-tested, flexible intumescent suitable for use as a fire-rated, perimeter seal in uPVC framing systems. These products come on a coil and are easy to fit and easy to trim. Your workforce only use what they need so: NO WASTE!


Fire stopping Solutions

We specialise in manufacturing evidence-based, high-performance fire protection products and systems that you can trust to perform well. Our UK and European chemists, engineers and technicians continue to lead the field in research, development and manufacture – and our market-leading range of passive fire protection is a direct result of their pioneering expertise. We provide complete supply-apply support to our clients with our trained and certified fire stop application team.



Where fire resistance is concerned, concealed door closer mechanisms are an obvious weak point in any timber door and in the event of a fire, they can have a seriously detrimental effect on the integrity of both door and frame. By fitting intumescent kits, this problem can be simply overcome, providing a high performance intumescent gasket that will insulate the timber, slow the charring process and enhance the fire resistance to a more acceptable level



Self-adhesive, pvc encapsulated strips of intumescent that provide proven fire protection for glazed doors, screens and partitions. In the event of fire, the intumescent swells to form a seal within the glazing pocket and also reduces the risk of premature ignition of the glazing beads on the protected face. The system is easily installed and suitable for any shape of aperture as well as larger glazed panels.


Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam is an open-cell polyurethane-based material impregnated with inorganic minerals produced for acoustic, thermal, water and dust insulation. Shows high performance in fire resistance tests. Profoam does not melt and flow under flame. It is not affected by the bacteria and does not contain them. It keeps its form during fire without changing. Excellent for sealing difficult to reach areas that need sealing. It can be used for door frame fixing and is available in both fire rated and non-fire rated type.